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Start-ups: top tips So you’ve got a Start Up. What you need to know. 196,4 KB
Independent Contractors Agreement An agreement for use with contractors 146,04 KB
Non Disclosure Agreement Two Way exchange of information 142,98 KB
Non Disclosure Agreement One Way disclosure 142,11 KB
Directors Resolutions Approving transfer of shares 123,6 KB
Directors Resolutions Regarding share certificates 122,86 KB
Incorporation First Directors Resolution 126,5 KB
Incorporation First Shareholders Resolution 125,5 KB
Privacy Policy A tempate privacy policy 130,62 KB
Resignation of Director Form for the registration of a director 123,29 KB
Share Transfer Typical share transfer form 115,22 KB
Shareholder Waiver of Pre-Emptive Rights 124,6 KB
Shareholder Resolution Written resolution 123,46 KB
Shareholder Resolution Amending Constitution 123,47 KB
Shareholder Resolution Appointing directors 123,3 KB
Shareholder Resolution Replacing Constitution 116,98 KB
Terms and Conditions For use by a business 123,84 KB
Check back regularly as this list of templates will grow with time. We also have other templates available, such as joint venture agreements, constitutions, shareholder agreements, intellectual property related documentation and others. Feel free to contact us to discuss what you are after.